James Greeley, Native American Flutist

James Greeley

Native American Flutist

I'm Kokopelli's flute child. In honor of his 3000 years of magic, I've become a flute teller. My name is James E. Greeley, and I'm a year-old Native American Flutist. My tribal heritage is both Hopi from the Mesa people of Arizona and Warm Springs-Wasco from the Columbia River people of Oregon.

Together, the Mesa Desert and the Great River have given me the balance to play my ancestral chants, for my melodies never repeat themselves. I feel my harmonies come from being one with the Universe.

I shall close my eyes while you listen from a natural sense of being, then you be the judge like those before you. With this gift I share with you and the world to bring enlightenment.

In honor of my Hopi mother, Evelyn Neqwatewa, who passed away June 2001, I look forward to telling my stories about life and bringing my timeless music to you from the center of our Universe.

In my Hopi language, I say "E-dah-nah-qwa-ha" (To my Father, the Great Creator, thank you), may we all rest and live in peace.

I am available for any event in any location. Contact anytime for bookings.

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Hosted by The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon

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